design studio

filou & friends.

Flexibility is at the heart of the concept FIVE AM created for Filou & Friends’ new stores.

More than a simple kids’ corner, the entire shop now revolves around a unique language, taken directly out of children’s imagination. FIVE AM came up with the idea of having a rail following the contours of the store. This rail works as a link to the metal playgrounds and work areas, which can take up different functions.

From hanging rods to a climbing ladder on which clothes can lay on, each element can effortlessly be retrieved from the installation to be hung in another location. The shop can easily be customized by the staff depending on the different seasons and collections. The rail transforms into a curtain rod at the top of the shop window and the fitting rooms. These curtains are made of custom fabrics, varying according to Filou & Friends’ campaigns. Between each element, FIVE AM placed loose wooden cabinets, with very recognizable drawers and compartments. The latter serve as a stock, but also as a presenter for clothes.

At the center of the store, rubber volumes have been placed to serve as a cash desk or working and folding tables. With playfulness in mind, these volumes conceal a tunnel leading directly to a ball pool for children. By keeping a very low access to the play area, the door to this tunnel has specifically been conceived for children.

In terms of materials, FIVE AM opted for consciousness. Black steel, birch veneer and black speckled rubber set the tone. In order to highlight the colours and patterns of Filou & Friends’ collections, the overall look remains very neutral.

  • Type shop
  • Client Filou & Friends
  • Size 75 m2
  • Year 2017
  • Photos luc roymans
  • award Bronze A'Design Award