Carine Aussems is the new Studio Director at FIVE AM.


Interior design studio FIVE AM confirms its ambition with the arrival of Carine Aussems as studio director and senior designer.

Carine will help FIVE AM professionalize, structure and grow. Carine has over 18 years of experience in residential, retail and hospitality design as a senior interior architect, design director, project manager and team lead, including the past 7 years at WeWantMore.

Carine now shares that broad expertise in high-end retail design for, among others, Giorgio Armani with the FIVE AM team and also brings extensive material knowledge and insight into the hospitality sector to the table. She combines different cultural identities as a Belgian, raised in German-speaking Belgium, now living in Antwerp after living and working for 7 years in the design mecca Milan. She also speaks no fewer than 5 different languages. She understands, better than anyone, the positive impact of these different backgrounds on her work as a designer and plans to transfer this diversity to the growing FIVE AM team that now counts 9 people. Carine will be practically involved in all aspects of the ongoing projects, but she will also guide the design team and help shape the growth and international ambition of FIVE AM together with Olivier, who brings the necessary entrepreneurial insight to the table in addition to his design expertise. Carine chose FIVE AM because of their vision, their focus on beauty, detail and materialization, as well as their ambition and entrepreneurial spirit.

Carine: “The combination of further expanding FIVE AM and the possibilities for growth in projects, the team, the different locations and the structure made FIVE AM a clear choice for me. In addition, the partnership with SKINN BRANDING AGENCY is also a motivating factor. It is an interesting market proposition and offers the opportunity to create total concepts where we provide the ideal physical experience.”

Olivier: “We have recently added a lot of new design talent to our team. Carine has the experience to structure our operations even better and to lift the team to a new level. In addition, she still has both feet in the field, both in terms of design and technical knowledge, which combination ensures that FIVE AM can take major steps in a short time.”