Week van het ontwerpen.

Designregio Kortrijk & VOKA West-Vlaanderen want to fill two needs with one deed: link the scenography for the annual ‘Design Week’ exhibition to the DesignX50 exhibition space in which established companies can present their most recent innovations. 

During ‘Design Week’, students in various design programmes can show off their best thesis projects. Using piping already owned by the customer and new, 3D-printed couplings, we practically created incubators. Perfect for young talent and thesis projects that still have a lot of growth potential. Growing things need warmth, so the reference to the heat lamps used in incubators is quickly made. 
Established names in the business world shine again in their simplicity and flexibility. And that’s how we’re filling their space: the height of the pedestals can be changed by rotating them. This creates presentation surfaces that are vibrant, rather than monotonous. Captivation is key. Keep it interesting, all the time and everywhere. 

VOKA West-Vlaanderen & Designregio Kortrijk

FIVE AM was happy to take control of the realisation, follow-up, and execution of this project. It was full responsible for the installation of the entire project as well. 

photo : piet-albert goethals