Campers and travellers feel at home in nature, among their families, in open spaces. Accessible, airy, and personal. That’s what the new showroom for a dealer of elite motorhomes should look like. So, how do you fit offices into this? 

The roof of the patio created by the architect provides a place for simple volumes beneath it. The new spaces created in this way are the sales rooms, with doors in various directions. This gives the client a pleasant feeling, like they aren’t just another number in the queue. The salespeople have open workspaces in these volumes, so that they can keep an eye on the showroom. This encourages them to jump in when needed. We’re playing with the meanings here, and yet, the calming, natural materials aren’t the stars of the show. This role is reserved for the motorhomes. Wooden cabinets and ceilings in wood-wool cement provide just the right amount of texture. The rest flows out of the centre. The surrounding shop and canteen on the first floor are designed along the same lines. 

office & shop
Deerlijk (BE)
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