Can experience in one domain, via the showroom of an "Experience Center", be transformed into an overview of new creations and innovation at different levels? Of course. But can we also grasp that at a glance?

Vandewiele is the market leader in the development of textile machines and is right to show it. From the showroom in the "Experience Center" the visitor looks out over the exposition hall where the textile machines are presented. Experience leads to what is produced today and later. Lots of open space, many meeting options, a bar, lounge, grandstand, VR room ... International guests from different cultures come here. They all feel at home. After all, "domestic warmth" is a global fact.

Marke (B)
2000 m2

Everything remains playful and flexible, as if the textile machines can demonstrate their presence in the living room. FIVE AM opted for patchwork: materials, volumes and systems overlap, hook into each other and knit a story in which "draping" is central. Again that playful. The integration of color, texture and creativity.

Trends and technologies evolve. This Experience Center can follow.

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