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Can a family home that is physically close to the adjacent working area still provide enough peace and opportunities to step away from it all? Is it possible to shut out the hustle and bustle, while still keeping the transition between the living and work spaces functional? 

The answer is yes, if it is done well. You can literally shake off the pressure of the workplace in the mudroom, which has a place for your dirty clothes. You’ve already passed through the kitchen at this point because it serves a double purpose. You have to eat, both at home, where it’s quiet and relaxed, as well as at work during your lunch break. You literally and figuratively ‘wash’ the work day away in the bathroom, which is the first room you come to after the mudroom. Clean, comfortable clothes can be found in the dressing room, which comes next, followed closely by the living room and the long-awaited sofa. The entire flow is circular.

The night-time section of the home is located on the second level, at the front of the building. The bedrooms and the bathrooms for the children and parents are located here. The daytime section, in which the family lives, dominates the first floor, which seamlessly transitions into the terrace. The extended skylight draws a figurative line between the two. Contemporary and classic elements unite the whole. Smoked oak, Italian marble, and pastellone in white, grey, natural wood, and caramel. A sense of peace must be expressed even in the tiniest details. 

Wervik (BE)

FIVE AM coordinated the project together with the client. Studar was responsible for the architecture, stability, and safety. 

photo :
architect : Studar
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