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An entire family who wants to enjoy each other’s company in comfort and cosiness require space and the chance to sit at the table together. And if it can be done in the dunes, along the coastline with a view of the sea, then the design will be even better. Environment, location, architecture, and interior as one. 

With a view like this, it’s not the inside space that demands attention. Outside is where it’s at. The living space, spread out across the entire width of the apartment, emphasises the link with the sea and the coastline. No fixed structures. Individual pieces of furniture. This space adapts like a beach adapts to the changing of the tides. During low tide, the table seems to disappear in the kitchen, only to reappear when the entire family is seated around it together. This same kitchen can ‘disappear’ completely, dissolving into the living space. The central shaft, with the lift and stairs, hides the bedrooms and the bathroom. The prettiest decor is outside the window, so it is best to keep the interior calm and peaceful. Pastellone and sandblasted oak creative a soft, earthy feeling, which seems to stretch out that sense of strolling through the dunes for just a little while longer. It is the lighting that will delineate the spaces in this wide and open setting, which is why only small recessed spots were used in the low ceiling. 

Oostduinkerke (BE)
This space adapts like a beach adapts to the changing of the tides.

FIVE AM provided all-in project coordination.

For our clients, we took care of the price quotes and negotiations, we appointed and coordinated the contractors, and we organised site meetings and drew up reports on these. We also followed up on the final action points upon delivery until these were solved perfectly. 

architect : Govaert & Vanhoutte architects
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