Create a multifunctional office space that can also serve as a meeting and conference room, while doubling as a seating area in the afternoon or after work. Make us visible to passers-by as well. 

Cladding the space in OSB makes it attractive and ties it in with the shopping street in which it is located. The stairs at the front serve as a kind of display window, drawing the curious gazes of passers-by and shoppers. The pieces of DOK furniture – vintage FIVE AM – serve as centralised seating elements, worktables, and conference areas. The limited amount of available surface area – a working and office space for young entrepreneurs – is given additional purpose in this way. 

POM West-Vlaanderen
Kortrijk (BE)

The complete follow-up of and for this project was entirely in the hands of FIVE AM.

We took care of the price quotes and negotiations, we appointed and coordinated the contractors, and we organised site meetings and drew up reports on these. We also followed up on the final action points upon delivery until these were solved perfectly. 

foto's : cafeine.be
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