A project developer, specialising in apartments on the seawall in Knokke, wants to welcome potential partners and clients in a space that simultaneously gives six employees sufficient room to work. 

The space – a merger of two apartments in the building shell – must be maintained as much as possible. The walls already present were retained and supplemented by four angled additional walls in natural stone that provide spaces that are multifunctional. An enclosing frame creates a discreet storage room. The space figuratively splits into two parts along major lines. The technical business and the partner conference spaces are a single unit. The second unit serves as the reception area for clients, with all the necessary comforts (bar, conference table, a more intimate area, a seating area, etc.). 

office & client reception
Knokke (BE)
Preserving the existing walls and supplementing them with four angled additional walls in natural stone creates space and space that is multifunctional.

As the project assistant, FIVE AM likes to supervise the project from the design to the realisation of the concept. In this case, we monitored the execution, were present at site meetings, and made suggestions, provided advice, and supervised. 

photo : cafeine.be
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