Odilon Creations.

Is it possible to integrate an active installation into a finished trade fair stand? To illustrate a craft? Twice? With two years in between? Without repeating the same things? 

What is installed is not finished. And vice versa. And yet… Natural floor and wall cladding, and the skilful installation thereof… The solution existed in bringing the daily workshop – where the magic happens – to the trade fair. There is no better way to illustrate a process, a craft, than this. That same workshop exudes craftsmanship and is the process. Scales for weighing, colour pigments in their pots… the details make the difference. Visitors see the skill being given shape and discover the many possibilities that – by consciously not being too specific – simultaneously leave all options open.

fair booth
Odilon Creations
Kortrijk (BE)
35m2 + 48m2
2014 + 2016

The first stand brought the mood and images from the workshop, practically in full, to the trade fair. Visitors could imagine themselves in the workshop thanks to the objects on long shelves. You cannot just ‘talk’ about waterproof solutions; you must demonstrate them. You do this by, for example, filling a coated planter with water. The walls were covered with panels in various materials and colours.

FIVE AM took care of the follow-up for the design and installation of the trade fair stand.

Two years later, individual racks are used to invoke a sense of the workshop. Because a workshop evolves when people work in it, the trade fair stand evolves as well. A process is alive. A craft is dynamic. Even though the essence remains the same: a waterproof washbasin, hop plants – that highlight the green and biological character of the materials – and less prominent lighting create a better result. 

foto's : cafeine.be
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