Legio Invest.

Create a peaceful, clean working environment for the financial department of Legio Invest, the holding over Overstock and X2O. Airy and pleasant. 

Domestic volumes served to separate the various office spaces. The conference room, management office, and archive link the whole together. The result is an open-plan space where no-one feels like they’re separated from the rest. The feeling of an open square, without any cramped subdivision. We immediately got rid of cubicles in a box format. The white working environment was countered and alternated with warm materials. The barn doors and cabinets were done in oak and the floor was carpeted. This is great for the acoustics, which were strengthened further thanks to stretch ceilings. The visual division of the working spaces is created by the standard roller shutter cabinets.

Legio Invest - X2O - Overstock
Oostkamp (BE)
The doors slide along the white walls.

Legio Invest – and especially the employees who make use of this – were so enthusiastic that FIVE AM was immediately commissioned to bring the concept through to the Overstock and X2O offices, including the communal spaces, canteen, and kitchen. 

A comprehensive contractor was responsible for the practical execution, while FIVE AM served as project leader and kept an eye on things. And a bit more, since we monitored the execution, were present at site meetings, and made suggestions, provided advice, and supervised. 

foto's : cafeine.be