Kortrijk Xpo.

All the effort done to make a trade fair at Kortrijk Xpo a genuine experience is undone once the visitor goes into the restrooms. The outdated sanitary facilities make the clash between reality and the trade fair concept too abrupt and in your face. 

Exhibition and trade fair visitors deserve to be inspired, even when nature calls. Boring, ordinary restrooms don’t help this. The old tiling in the sanitary facilities should at least serve as a starting point for the new concept. Floors, walls, ceiling, and doors are all built using tiles. Or at least that’s what it looks like. Surprising. As if the surfaces are dissolving into each other.

The necessary doors – which look as if they’ve been pleated – serve as an eye-catcher, so that you walk through tiles to tiles. Or at least that’s what it looks like. 

Kortrijk Xpo
Kortrijk (BE)

FIVE AM was responsible for providing design assistance. The execution was done by a comprehensive contractor. In that case, we monitored the execution, were present at site meetings, and made suggestions, provided advice, and supervised. 

photo : cafeine.be
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