Galler Chocolatiers.

Design a new concept for several metropolitan shops. This concept exudes generosity – if it’s done well. Hospitality. Recognisability. And yet, surprising. Everything fits within a broader rebranding idea. 

A multifaceted project like this requires a multifaceted concept consisting of three clear parts. The ceiling and wall cladding (1) in wood parquet turn the world upside down. The slats, in a herringbone motif, increase the recognisability, but the fact that they aren’t on the ground – as you might expect – surprises the visitor. Several drawers, hidden behind multiple slats, offer space to display the colourful chocolates.

Galler Chocolatiers
Namur - Charleroi - Bruges - Ghent - Antwerp (BE)

The large, refrigerated display units (2) show off a profusion of chocolates. The dark and milk chocolate gold is liberally and generously exhibited. And yet… Simple materials create a relatively minimal presence within the whole. 

A lot of products (3) on simple shelves. Showing off the full range, almost as if there isn’t enough room. Generosity. No over-the-top story, no pedestals, no exuberant window displays. Simplicity. Affordability. Hospitality. 


And even though the concept has been translated concretely in all the shops, each shop maintains its own, unique identity. No copies, but a clear leitmotif. No boring cookie-cutter shops, but unique personalities. And coordinating it all: the Galler appeal. 

FIVE AM provided design assistance and translated the concept into each new shop.

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