Drukta en Formail.

Two companies. One space. Loads of ideas. Doing a lot with very little. What are the options?

Realising what seemed to be impossible, resulted in sand-blasted and painted shipping containers being given new life as office areas. Basic and rudimentary, but also surprising and flexible. A block-built box on a grand scale which can be expanded or reduced as and when required. The slightly adapted containers fill the larger space and there is direct interaction between the office spaces and the central work floor. Simultaneously, the container walls look like a route to the outside. Via walls, and the original loading/unloading zone in the industrial building. Modest, clean and simple but incredibly refreshing and, above all, functional. A container office with an extra dimension.

Two companies. Two brothers. One space. Loads of ideas. Doing a lot with very little. This is one option. One which creates masses of other opportunities. 

Drukta en Formail
4000 m²
Bronze A’Design Award (IT)
Finalist A+ Architizer Award (US)
H.M. RTF Sustainability Award (IN)
Foto’s: Cafeine.be
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