We are not afraid to ask questions and formulate challenges ourselves. An installation at a furniture trade fair that not only demonstrates who we are but which we can functionally use afterwards. Together. To illustrate, demonstrate, and express our way of working. Without photographs. 

What kind of modular unit is both easy to move and can be used in an exhibition space? A caravan! Any association with holidays disappeared when it was completely stripped and an office space was designed for the interior. The result was a trade fair stand that can also be utilised during events, in which FIVE AM can continue to work on new projects. 

mobile office
German Design Award (DE)
Architizer A+ Award (US)

A raised floor across the entire space, with a circular table as the centrepiece and eye-catcher, makes the whole picture clean and functional. The table rotates down to create a flat floor that can also serve as a bed. Underneath this are numerous storage options, which can effortlessly be extended by using the small storage bins that are attached in the drill holes. If the event requires plans or posters to be hung up, then these same storage bins can be hidden away in a flash.

Work – and sleep – require quiet, which is created using an acoustic stretch ceiling. This also immediately hides the LED lighting. Electronic comfort is available thanks to the Wi-Fi, reading lamps, and refrigerator, which can keep no less than six crates of water pleasantly cold. Or soft drinks. Or beer. The refrigerator doesn’t care. 

We joined forces with Kordekor, Deltalight, and Quinze & Milan for the design and realisation of this project. 

foto's : Piet-Albert Goethals