Brooklyn Roeselare.

Brooklyn’s seven shops are there for cool families with big plans; Brooklyn is itself a flexible business. Summarise this in a single, clear, and completely new concept.

Oh, and make sure that hundreds of trousers and thousands of other garments can fit in the space too. And don’t forget to pay enough attention to ‘women’ because we have a lot to offer them as well. 

By opening up all the windows on the street front, we created maximum interaction between the interior and the city. This blurred the boundaries and allowed both to mesh. The shops were even designed as mini-cities, with centralised pieces of furniture that were laid out like buildings on a city map.

Roeselare (BE)
300 m2
Nominee Shop Design Awards 2019

Further back in the shop – and deeper into the city – are the feminine materials that give the ladies’ corner its own personality. Grey tiles were used in the men’s fitting rooms, while terracotta tiles were used in the women’s fitting rooms. Like bricks in the city’s alleyways. Curtains in denim, sewn like jeans, reference the products that give Brooklyn its identity. The overall concept exudes peacefulness, improves the clients’ shopping experience, and contains a wide range of products. Mission complete!

A simple rack along the wall provided a lot of product storage space. 

The construction elements in reinforcing steel created a skyline. The centralised furniture, in steel, was given panelling in six materials that were clearly linked to the city. These were magnetic and interchangeable so that new presentations and collections could be created quickly.

foto's : tim vandevelde
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