Bekaert Deslee.

The transformation of three outdated sales and meeting rooms into one new and contemporary unit can be an example for all international departments. The showroom of all showrooms. Is there such a thing? 

Only if it starts with the customer and the customer experience. This should always be the case, but it certainly is here. This was the ambition behind combining the three original spaces into one transparent zone. From three to one. 

The white interior contrasts with the green exterior. Meanwhile, the tangible sense of nature creates room to breathe and airiness. Airiness and transparency, these immediately explain the choice of glass walls, the visible R&D building and permanent visual contact with the work zone. 

Bekaert Deslee

One new unit evolves, consisting of three elements. The showroom in the centre, flanked with space for customers (‘play&create’) and a meeting area. From three to one and back to three again. It seems simple. Showroom and play&create consists of carpeted islands with U-shaped booths along the entire length. 

This unity is a permanent basis, in which displays are then used to flexibly present mattresses, fabrics, patterns, finishes and mini mattresses. Different collections demand different settings and these are conjured up in an instant. Once again, the white interior provides a contrast, but this time with the collections and materials. 

The traditional clothes rack doubles up as an additional tool for sales people and - combined with the display - serves more than just its original purpose as a means of transport. 

FIVE AM was responsible for providing project assistance and, from this angle, focused on safeguarding the concept. The project manager took charge of all the project coordination and design realisation. 

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