01. Talk

Each good idea starts with an introduction. FIVE AM always takes the time to get to know you, wherever you are. What challenge needs a solution? Each project starts with an empty sheet and a customer request. We address these together. Concrete. Specific and clear. This prior analysis, this study, is the foundation for everything. FIVE AM spends time and energy on this. Deliberately. Because it pays off.

We immediately take our new insights to the drafting table. The interior concept takes shape. A first attempt. Open and abstract. Still simple, but direct and innovative enough to blow you away. Once you get back up, it will be the guiding principle for everything that will follow.

02. Think

Designing is a team sport. Searching together, asking questions together, challenging each other. An initial answer leads to new questions, and new questions lead to better answers. This is how FIVE AM keeps creating. The simplicity remains, but is given shape. The conceptual solution is given substance and the content is given form.

A preliminary design results in a refined detailed design. Detailed and customised. Correct. Ideas and concepts are translated into detailed plans. Everything is summarised in a clear material list.

03. Take off

FIVE AM likes to see where a concept leads. The realisation. For a great finished result. Seeing a unique idea realised is the ultimate goal of the conceptual thinker.

We propose project managers. And contractors. Professionals we know and trust. We compare prices, but you decide. We follow. Assist. Maintain overview. Monitor the creative boundaries and remain available at all times during the implementation.