We design unique spaces
with a focus on simplicity.
We are FIVE AM.

Innovative design. Robust concepts.
Simple, straightforward and well thought-out.

FIVE AM speaks, thinks and works as a whole. Looking for that one concept, that solution, which offers all the answers.

Everything is unified within one single, clear line.


Every good idea begins with a familiarisation period. FIVE AM always takes the time to get to know you. For which type of challenges do we find solutions? Every project starts with a blank sheet of paper and a client request. The concepts and ideas are always original and unique.


Designing is a team-sport. Researching together, asking questions together and challenging one another. The first answer then leads to new questions and new questions create better answers. And FIVE AM builds on this. Simplicity remains but the bare bones are fleshed out. A conceptual solution takes shape and this shape is then elaborated.

Take off.

FIVE AM loves to see where the concept leads. The realisation. For a polished result. Dotting the I’s, crossing the T’s and holding the key. Seeing a unique idea come to fruition is the climax for the conceptual thinker.