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A sheet softening hack

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How to Hack Your Way to Softer Sheets
True to the show’s form, this cheap-sheet-softening-trick is unbelievably easy to execute, and you can treat every sheet set in your home with about $3 of materials. Simply throw your stiff sheets into the washer, along with one full cup of baking soda and ½ cup of vinegar, and run for one full cycle. For the best results, the pros behind the show suggest starting your washer on hot and then switching to cold during the rinse cycle, and then voila: you’ve suddenly scored a set of silky soft (albeit inexpensive) sheets to sleep in.

Here’s What the Testers Had to Say…
The show had six blind testers each lie down in a makeshift bed dressed one at a time in both sets of sheets — a set of super luxe (super pricey) sheets, and a set of cheap sheets hacked with the baking-soda-and-vinegar wash trick above.

When asked to identify which sheets were the cheap set, five of the six testers were convinced that the expensive bed sheets were actually the cheap ones. This means that based on the show’s results, it’s safe to assume that the hacked sheets are indeed softer and more satisfying to the touch than the super luxe set.

Translation: Before you go buck wild on a fancy bed sheet spending spree, try washing an affordable set, specially if it is from a queen size mattress (or the cheap ones your great aunt gave you at Christmas) in baking soda and vinegar to see if the show’s results ring true for you, too.