design studio


What if a table isn’t a static object, but something that can be adapted according the user? Something that gets its form and appearance defined by emotions of multiple people? In this concept it’s the consumer itself who determines the look and feel of the table. The formation of the tables is variable and lays entirely in the hands of the user. Each user defines a part of the view and appearance of this concept.

Visitors can choose their desired tabletop, ll it up with food and select their favourite spot at a table frame. This tabletop, available in 4 different materials, ranging from uni colors to marble laminate, serves as tray to carry the food to their seats. Thin CNC cutted borders into the tray de ne the different food areas. These table frames determine the entire dining space and the consumer ful ls the table, by laying the tabletop on the table frames. If you love to sit separately, you can start a new empty table. If you want to meet new people you can join another table. When you have finished the meal, you take the tabletop back to the bar so the table frames turns back into its original state. Now another hungry person is welcome and ready to mix the table.

  • Type installation
  • Client biennale interieur
  • Year 2016
  • competition interieur awards honourable mention