design studio

the hair project.

The fair Hairstyle needed a makeover. All the stops were pulled out to re-create a swinging event of this fair. Hairstyle was renamed, The Hair Project ‘and we were specifically asked to maintain this new exhibition concept to work. Instead of the familiar grid pattern, we chose to guide the visitor through a path through the exhibition. To easily coordinate the path and files we started from a hexagon with fixed size. As a result, there is only one type of wall build-up in order to form the entire event geven. However the stands have a fixed structure, the required flexibility is obtained by the choice to work on the inside with fixed plate or cloth. A nod to the hairdressers is the mirror-finish foil on the outside.

To put the craftsmanship in the spotlight, brandboxes and hubs with demos were seamlessly interwoven. The large stage shows and parades got prolonged by a catwalk that winds through the fair, so the show literally comes to the visitors.

  • Type installation
  • Client kortrijk xpo