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odilon’s atelier 2.

Odilon, interplay of colour and material

FIVE AM and Odilon have collaborated on the design of a new installation emphasising texture while also delivering on colour.

Colours and textures are the foreplay of Odilon. Their wall and floor covering – both the result of an artisan process – are made of natural materials and installed following ancient techniques. FIVE AM takes this concept a bit further: through an inspiring interplay of texture and colour, the installation reflects the contemporary philosophy of the artisan house.

The installation, reflecting scales, pigments and textures, is a versatile system of natural materials, used in playful combinations to create mobile set-ups and to encourage the visitor to explore. Among the exploring parts are a tray filled with water to illustrate the waterproof aspect, hops plants squirming around the lights and wooden modular displays inspired by the authentic character of the collection.

The installation offers a uniquely natural perspective and a sense of craftsmanship while remaining connected to contemporary trends.

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  • Type installation
  • Client odilon creations
  • Size 48 m2
  • Year 2016
  • Photos