design studio

claustra kitchen.

The focal point of this project is the refurbishment of the kitchen and storage room. The kitchen is the most important part of this house, or more precisely what occurs in the kitchen: cooking nice dinners and entertaining guests while doing so.

To this end, an atypical kitchen island is introduced and a single handle pulldown kitchen faucet to make doing dishes easier, consisting of various loose elements, encapsulated by a housing. Its unusual design immediately catches the eye and draws the guests closer. Open and closed units in the kitchen alternate and are complementary to one another. They give out to the city garden, in which this mix of openness and privacy is repeated.

The storage room and garden are deliberately connected and prolong each other. The purpose is to be able to spend more time enjoying the mid-season climates. An inviting sunroof sits on top of the storage room. Shades of white keep everything light and breezy, and give the illusion of a spacious room.

In the garden a sense of privacy is established because of the stylish garden wall: perforated claustra-masonry allows a filtered light with different shadings.

  • Type private
  • Client private
  • Size 40
  • Year 2016
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